clear purpose + actionable plan = successful  business.

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Today, as long as you have a laptop, a wifi connection, and a power outlet, you can run a business from just about any place in the world. 

navlab is an online platform that enables you to navigate your business from anywhere you are to anywhere you want to go. We’re only a Skype call away :)

Hi there,

I'm Rinat

For the past 10 years, I have been a part of the technology and startup world. During this time, I was fortunate enough to be deeply involved in the creation and launch of MediaMind, a startup that ultimately became one of Israel’s biggest tech acquisition to date. A few years later, I left the glamorous world of digital advertising and began exploring ways in which technology can be used to improve our society. 

I've dedicated the last four years to building ventures focused on improving the quality of our lives. I have mentored dozens of startups in amazing incubators in both Israel and New York and have held workshops at universities across the US. 

Through my experiences as both a mentor and a mentee, I have come to realize what an immense impact a mentorship can have on a business. 

I want to make mentoring accessible to everyone and help people reach their goals. I have partnered with some of the best talents out there in the creative and marketing fields to give you an all inclusive mentoring service geared towards the success of your business!

Our vision

clear purpose + actionable plan = a successful business.

Our experience has proven that having a clear objective (your northern star) and a detailed plan (your navigation map) are fundamental to making a successful business. navlab will help you arrive to your destination! Our game plan is to work hard and play hard! So get ready to sweat while having a great time along the way :)

What can we do together?

so many wonderful things..

  • Define your business goals
  • Create a roadmap and business plan
  • Build a brand & communication strategy
  • Prepare you for investor meetings, both in creating the presentation and coaching you on how to pitch
  • Help you raise capital
  • Define, design, and test your product
  • Build a product launch strategy
  • Create and execute a digital marketing plan
  • Help you build your social network
  • Marketing & Creative consulting

How does it work?



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You will then receive an email confirmation with a link to our scheduling system. Select the days and times that work best for you and your busy schedule!


Ready to excell?

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